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Sure Crop Fertilizers supplies quality liquid crop nutrition custom blended according to the specific needs of your fields and delivered directly to your farm. Our mission is to help growers produce abundant and quality crops while preserving and improving the soils that they steward. We offer a wide-variety of products including Premium Starters, Micronutrients, Bio-Stimulants, Foliars and a line of specialty products designed to be effective management tools for your fields and help you achieve healthy fields and optimum yields.

Every farming operation is unique and has its own set of challenges to face and goals to meet. You deserve solutions that are custom tailored to your needs.

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to farming. Our team of knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you best utilize our line of crop nutrition products to achieve healthy fields and optimum yields while providing service you will not find anywhere else. For more info, call today at 1-800-635-4743!

Our Products

Located in the heart of the Midwest in Seneca, Kansas, we’re a family-owned business with a passion for working with growers.

We do things differently than other fertilizer manufacturers as we offer innovative liquid crop nutrition formulated to provide highly efficient forms of nutrients along with proprietary components to improve crop uptake and response. Our products are designed to promote the biological biosphere and lessen the harmful effects to the environment compared to other fertilizers on the market. Whether you are growing corn and soybeans or potatoes and pumpkins, Sure Crop products can help improve the return on your fertility program investment.

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Sure Crop Testimonials

Irrigated Corn

“We raised our best corn ever… 243 Bu p/Acre. We applied Sure Crop Starter Blend and Sure Crop Humate.”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Starter Blend with Micronutrients, Plen-T Sweet, and Humate


“Our irrigated corn yielded 200-250 Bu p/Acre. Fields we applied 25 gallons LESS Sure Crop Nitrogen and foliared with 1-2 gallons of Sure Crop Optimum-N+ performed equally well and SAVED on nitrogen costs.”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Nitrogen with Starter Blend with Micronutrients, Bio-Stimulants, and Foliars


“Holy Field Winery produces award winning wines with Sure Crop Foliars and Bio-Stimulants.”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Foliars and Bio-Stimulants


“Two foliar applications of Sure Crop Z/Micro and Sure Crop Foliar-N increased my sesame yield – 200 lbs per acre and my ROI increased $83.20 p/Acre.”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Z/Micro and Foliars

Spot Where Nothing Would Grow

“This area of our field wouldn’t grow crops, not even weeds.  In the early spring, we applied 5 gal Sure Crop Humate, 1 gal Sure Crop Plen-T Sweet, 13 oz Sure Crop Z/Micro and 1 gal Sure Crop Complete with old hay and manure.  Later that summer, we grew soybeans where nothing was able to grow before!”

Field Dead Spot After Sure Crop

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Humate, Z/Micro, Plen-T Sweet, and Complete

Pumpkins, Watermelons, Tomatoes

“With Sure Crop Nutrition and Bio-Stimulants, we had one of the best pumpkin, watermelon and tomato crops ever!”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Bio-Stimulants, Foliars, and Specialty Products

Humate / Penetrometer Readings

“There was no yield monitor to judge yield by, but the side with Humate was more uniform in height and they felt that it was healthier than the side with no Humate, which should result in a better yield.”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Humate


“On the soybeans treated with Z/Micro there was significantly improved nodulation.”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Z/Micro

Corn Leaf Comparison

“Plant health is visibly better with the use of Sure Crop products!”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Crop Plen-T Cal, Plen-T Sweet, and Z/Micro


“You can see right to the line where the Sure Crop Starter and Humate was applied!”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Start 7-25-2 and Humate


“Sure Crop foliar programs help the crop fill out well!”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Optimum K+ and Boron

High Yield Corn

“A reduced rate of the Sure Crop Starter Blend out yielded our 10-34-0 program!”

Sure Crop Products

Sure Start 7-25-2, Micro-Pak, Activate, and Plen-T Sweet, Manganese, and Grow N/S

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We have over 40 years of experience in helping growers succeed. We understand the needs of growers and the specific challenges they face because we are a farming family working within our own farming community as well as with producers across the nation. When you partner with Sure Crop, it’s not just a one-time visit, but a long-term relationship with the commitment to understanding the unique needs of your operation and working to provide solutions to help ensure you meet your goals.

Interested in financing options? We’ve got you covered through our flexible financing with John Deere Financial. We’ll be happy to direct you to a representative, who will walk you through the perfect plans to fit your specific budget.

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