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Soybeans Where Nothing Grew Before!

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Location Ottawa County, KS
Product Used Sure Crop Humate, Sure Crop Plen-T Sweet, Sure Crop Z/Micro &, Sure Crop Complete, Energizer, Copper, Boron, Plen-T Calcium, Plen-T Phos, Power Pak, Starter 5-20-5, Foliar-N 25-0-0-2
Crop Soybeans


“This area of our field wouldn’t grow crops, not even weeds.  Early spring, we applied 5 gal Sure Crop Humate, 1 gal Sure Crop Plen-T Sweet, 13 oz Sure Crop Z/Micro and 1 gal Sure Crop Complete with old hay and manure.  This summer, we are growing soybeans where nothing grew before!”

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