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Corn Yields 200-250 BU p/Acre

Success Story Info

Location Hall County, NE
Product Used Sure Crop Grow-N 28-0-0-2, Sure Crop Foliar-N, Sure Crop Grow-N 28-0-0-2 & Sure Crop Foliar-N, Z/Micro, Energizer, Humate, Magnesium, Plen-T Sweet, Starter 8-27-3, Starter 5-20-5, , Grow-N/Sulfur 9-0-0-20, Foliar-N 25-0-0-2, Sure Crop Power-K 0-0-24-2
Crop Corn


“Our irrigated corn yielded 200-250 Bu p/Acre. Fields we applied 25 gallons LESS Sure Crop Gro-N 28-0-0-2 and foliared with 1-2 gallons of Sure Crop Foliar-N lend performed equally well and SAVED on nitrogen costs.”


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