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Canola: Improved Soil

Success Story Info

Location Kay County, OK
Product Used Sure Crop Humate, Sure Crop Start 7-25-2, Sure Crop Energizer, Z/Micro, Crop Micro, Copper, Boron, Plen-T Calcium, Plen-T Sweet, Plen-T Phos, Starter 5-25-5, Grow-N/Sulfur 9-0-0-20, Foliar-N 25-0-0-2
Crop Canola


“Canola does not germinate well in low pH soils. The pH of some of the areas in our fields range from 5.5 down  to 4.9.  At planting we applied Sure Crop Start 7-25-2, Sure Crop Seed Energizer, Sure Crop Humate and Boron.  Our canola looked amazing.  We got excellent germination and stand!”

“Sure Crop Humate helped buffer pH in the seed row and increased the soil’s water holding capacity.”

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