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Introducing a New Series of Foliar Nutrition Products

Sure Crop has developed a new series of foliar nutrition products to give growers a better way of supplying quality, economical and efficient nutrients to their crops.  The new line includes:

Sure Grow Vigor

Applied early in the growing season, when the plant is between 4 to 6 inches in height, to help stimulate plant energy and increase crop vigor.  Supplies Carbon and Calcium to aid in fighting off disease and insects, support nutrient transport and increase root mass.

Sure Assurance 

Applied mid-season, before the crop enters into R1, often with herbicide or fungicide passes. Assurance supplies a well-rounded nutrient package to support the crop as it determines seed set quantity and quality.  Also, Assurance can help reduce damage from chemical sprays.

Sure Optimum +K / Sure Optimum + N 

Optimum+N or Optimum+K are applied at R1 as the crop’s nutrient needs are at the highest point.  Chose Optimum+N to supply Nitrogen or Optimum+K to supply Potassium and help carry your crop across the finish line.


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