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Our Story

The Early Years

Sure Crop history goes back almost 50 years

Don & Shirley Schurman

 Sure Crop’s origin dates back to the mid 1960′s when founders Don and Shirley Schurman, who grew up on family farms in northeast Kansas, married and began their life together of operating a diversified family farm.

Don, ever curious to understand soils and be a better steward of his land, soon learned that applying more and more fertilizer wasn’t what soils needed. Rather, balancing soil nutrient ratios was the key to healthier, more productive soils.

He began working with soil bio-stimulants in 1978. Neighbors noticed Don’s fields and he explained that balanced soils increased yields of nutrient dense crops.


Sure Crop is Incorporated

Embracing the role of serving growers led the young couple to establish Ag Connection Sales, Inc. (ACS) in January 1984. Over the next decade, their business of marketing bio-stimulants and liquid fertilizers expanded over the Midwest from Texas to North Dakota.

 By 1998, ACS was conducting research, manufacturing and distributing Assure Crop, their own formulations of quality liquid crop nutrition. As of January, 2010, their Assure Crop name was formally trademarked Sure Crop, a division of Ag Connection Sales, Inc.


The Legacy Continues

Today… Sure Crop, family owned and operated, includes all three of Don and Shirley’s children, Cory, Monae and Shanon as well as their families and a dedicated Sure Crop team. The original farm began by Don and Shirley, back in 1965 has been substantially expanded and serves as one of Sure Crop’s research sites for product development.